A Powerful and Trusted Decentralized Exchange

Hopium is a Decentralized Exchange that allows users to sell, buy, trade, stake, and withdraw crypto assets instantly and securely. As it is a decentralized exchange, users are not required to provide their personal information or other KYC details. Hopium has its own native utility token, HOPE for platform operations.

Faster and Efficient Transactions

The exchange will serve as a quick and low-cost platform for all other DEX in the market. Automated Market Maker model is used to create liquidity pools that benefit users with faster and more efficient transactions. Counterparties are less used as the transactions are used via smart contracts.

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$HOPE - The Native Utility Token

$HOPE is the platform's native token, built on the dependable Global Digital Chain network. It is the primary payment and transaction instrument on the platform. It bestows phenomenal benefits on its holders via its utilities. It ensures consistent growth and profitable returns for its investors. The $HOPE token has the following features.

Hope is the Future

Exciting Features and Amazing Benefits

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